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Introduction: This study aimed to explore workplace ergonomic risk assessment and its associated factors among emergency doctors who performs focused assessment with sonography for trauma (FAST).

Method: This prospective cross-sectional pilot study involved 42 doctors. The participants were selected using convenient sampling method from the emergency department. They were requested to perform FAST on a simulated mannequin in three different positions namely standing, sitting on a chair and siting on the bed. The whole process was recorded and timed in a video camera and subsequently assessed for ergonomic musculoskeletal risk (MSD) using rapid entire body assessment (REBA) scoresheet. 

Results: The study showed that performing FAST while sitting on chair was relatively higher risk of developing MSD (mean 10.3, high risk category) followed by sitting on the bedside (mean 6.9, moderate risk category) and standing (mean 6.09, moderate risk category )

There were no statistically significant sociodemographic factors that can be related to the risk of MSD (p>.05). There were also no statistically significant association between time to achieve optimum FAST image and the REBA risk score (p>.05)

Conclusion: Ergonomic modification should be considered for FAST examination in the Emergency Department in order to prevent further injury towards the health care practitioners. In centers with limited ergonomic facilities, FAST upon standing or sitting on the bed is recommended. More studies in the field of ergonomic is needed in the emergency department.

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