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It is estimated that 1 in 4 is at risk of getting stroke after the age of 25 years old. Our study aims to provide an insight of the characteristics of stroke code activations in Emergency Department, Seberang Jaya Hospital, Penang.


This is a descriptive study of all 362 stroke code activations between January 2019 and Jun 2021. Data were retrieved from online Stroke Code Registry Google Form. 


A total of 362 stroke codes were activated within the study period. Majority of the patients (60.5%, n=219) were males. The mean age was 60 years old (range 21 to 99 years old). Almost half of the patients (47%, n=170) were brought in by ambulance. Acute stroke less than 4.5 hours made up the majority (90.3%, n=327) of the activations while the rest were wake up strokes. Cluster hospitals contributed 17.7% (n=64) of the total cases. The mean duration from symptom onset to hospital arrival was 120 minutes (SD 103 minutes). Majority of the patients (60.22%, n=218) arrived at the hospital beyond office hour. The therapeutic yield for thrombolysis was 27.1% (n=98).


Public awareness on stroke still lacking in local community. Stroke code is vital to streamline the flow of acute stroke management. As most of the patients came after office hours, the team should be familiar on the work process to ensure similar quality of care being delivered at any time. Our therapeutic yield is at par with international numbers. 


Awareness among both public and healthcare providers are crucial in building a good stroke management system.


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