Hamzah Firoz Ida Zaini Zarina Zarith Nazwa Zulkefli Kylie Anne Erang Nawal Syakirah Abdul Wahab Najwa Khairiah Shahabudin Rosnah Ismail


This study aimed to determine the level of knowledge and awareness among students from the Faculty of Medicine at Hospital Chancellor Tuanku Mukhriz (HCTM). A cross sectional study was conducted from May 2017 to September 2017 among medical, nursing and paramedic students of HCTM. A validated self-administered questionnaire was delivered via convenience sampling. Data was analyzed using SPSS 23 software and one sample T test was used to analyze the data against the standard setting value. A total of 327 students participated.  The mean age of respondents was 23.32 ± 2.37. The prevalence of NSI was 8.3% with majority having at least once (85.2%) and mostly not reported (74.1%). Paramedic students had significantly higher knowledge (10.71 ± 1.64, p<0.001) and awareness (5.50 ± 0.86, p<0.001) compared to standard setting. Nursing students also had significantly higher knowledge (9.94 ± 1.38, p<0.001) and awareness (5.35 ± 1.07, p<0.001) compared to standard setting. Meanwhile, medical students did not have a significant difference in knowledge (9.95 ± 1.39, p=0.589) but a significant difference in awareness (5.87 ± 1.03, p<0.001) compared to standard setting. The main exposure for NSI was at medical posting (77.8%) during procedure needle recapping (70.4%) using hollow needle (63%). The results showed that the knowledge and awareness of NSI among future healthcare providers is sufficient. However, the incidence of NSI cannot be ignored and further intervention is warranted.



Knowledge, Awareness, Students, Needle Stick Injury (NSI), Cross sectional study

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