Baran Palanimuthu Alzamani Idrose



We describe a case report of Penile Siliconoma where patient injected liquid silicon into penile tissues to enhance penile girth, subsequently makes it more attractive.


Penile siliconoma is a rare condition where patient injected liquid silicon to make penis appear attractive for opposite sex. We presenting such a case, a 43 years old gentleman with not known medical illness injected liquid silicon for sexual cosmetic purpose. Patient had 3 course of injection within 6 months time. Initially he has claimed his penis became bigger in size and did not encounter any abnormalities. However, after subsequent 2 months (8 months from first Silicon injection), he noticed his penis started to become granulomatous and hardened. He also experienced some skin changes surrounding penile area with on and off difficulty in urination (hesistancy) and retention. Upon examinations, the vital signs were within normal parameters. Genital examination showed a harden shaft of penis, with thickening of the surrounding skin. Patient was taken over by urology team and planned for operation (Skin Degloving and grafting)


Penile enhancement theraphy especially for cosmetic reason are uncommon in daily practice especially in Malaysia.Patient tend to make the wrong decision to get treatment from unrecognised practitioner which often resulted in unwanted outcome. For us medical practitionars, do consider obstructive uropathy symptoms which in these case hesistancy and on and off urinary retention as emergency condition. Early referral to urology unit will ensure better outcome.


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