Kalai Amuthan G Kheng Soo Ng Kalaivanan M K



Subcutaneous emphysema is commonly related to trauma, surgery, or any various respiratory and non respiratory causes. It can occur at any part of human body. This is a case study regarding a simple non traumatic activity resulting in subcutaneous emphysema. It was due to excessive straining during shouting leading to possible airway injury subsequently causing air leak. This leads to pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum with subcutaneous emphysema.


In this study case report, a teenager developed subcutaneous emphysema after a football match. He denied denying any trauma or physical contact. The symptoms appeared after prolong intense shouting during the game. He developed neck pain and gradually developed swelling over the neck which extended to the chest. He was hemodynamically stable and the subcutaneous emphysema did not progress. He was treated conservatively and was discharged well after few days of observation.


Subcutaneous emphysema with pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum can be caused by extreme prolong intense shouting which may cause sudden raise in intrathoracic pressure. This leads to rupture of alveoli and air leaking to mediastinum and pleural space and subsequently travel subcutaneously.


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