Mohd Iman Saiful Suhardi


Eye globe rupture is an ophthalmologic emergency and early detection in emergency department is crucial. Bedside emergency ultrasound is an emerging modality to diagnose eye globe rupture.


A gentleman brought into emergency department with complaint of being gored by a bull over left periorbital region, sustaining pain and swelling associated with loss of vision of the left eye, vomiting and nasal bleed. He was unable to open his left eye.

On assessment airway, breathing and circulation were intact. He was fully conscious and was hemodynamically stable. There was laceration over left infraorbital region with periorbital swelling, ecchymosis and proptosis. However left periorbital swelling was not tense on palpation. Further examination over the left eye noted S-shaped conjunctival laceration wound with hyphema.

Bedside ultrasound over the left eye shows severely distorted shape of the left eye globe. CT scan of the brain shows extensive pneumocranium and fracture of left orbital wall. Urgent referral to ophthalmology and neurosurgery was done.


Bedside ultrasound in this case prompted diagnosis of eye globe rupture, in which urgent and appropriate measures taken as early as possible.


Role of bedside ultrasound in emergency setting is hugely significant in management of eye globe rupture.



Emergency, Ocular, Ultrasound, Eye globe rupture, Orbital trauma

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