Muhamad Akmal bin Mohammad Zulfaqar Othman Thani



Foreign body ingestion and aspiration present as an emergency especially in paediatric age. Easy availability of small household objects increases the risk even further.

Case report

We are bringing in a case of aspiration and 3 cases of ingestion of foreign body.

First case: 9 months old boy was having cough following toy aspiration. Radiograph showed a foreign body at right main bronchus. Emergency bronchoscopy removal was done and child was subsequently discharged.

Second case: 6 years old boy allegedly ingested a coin, presented with drooling of saliva and foreign body sensation in the throat. Radiograph showed coin shaped foreign body at level of C6-C7. Bedside removal was done using a foley catheter.

Third case: 5 years old boy ingested fishing accessory. He was asymptomatic on presentation. Radiograph showed a foreign body in stomach and patient was treated conservatively.

Fourth case: 2 years old girl presented with upper respiratory tract infection symptoms. Chest radiograph incidentally showed a foreign body inside the stomach in the shape of nailclipper. The patient was also treated conservatively and safely passed the object. 

Discussion and conclusion

Cases series highlights factors involved in the decision of intervention in aspiration and ingestion of foreign body. Timing, symptoms, nature of foreign body and level of dislodgement affects decision of treatment.



foreign body, aspiration, ingestion, paediatric foreign body

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