Shazana Md Yunus Azhana Hassan Zuraidah Wahid Kushanthini Sivaloganathan


The case of baffling blue man.


Shazana MY1, Kushanthini S1, Zuraidah W1, Azhana H1

1 Hospital Tuanku Jaafar Seremban, Malaysia


Introduction: Acute cyanosis is a common presentation in critically ill patients who are breathless. Most of the time cyanotic patients improve with oxygen therapy. We would like to share an unusual case of acute cyanosis which would expand our differential diagnosis beyond usual.

Case presentation:  This was the case of a 27 year old man who presented to emergency department HTJS semi-conscious and cyanotic after inhaling dusty white material coming from a gunny sack at his workplace, a recycling factory. He was not breathless and lungs findings were normal. It was an interesting diagnostic dilemma which baffled the inexperienced first liners especially when his saturation did not improve with oxygen therapy. Despite the diagnostic delay, patient was well managed and safely discharged after few days.

Discussion & Conclusion: Cyanosis and the pathophysiology of various causes will be discussed. Management of the above case was simple. However, there are also various other treatment options based on case reports and animal studies.



































methemoglobinemia, Acute cyanosis

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