Roslanuddin Mohd Salehuddin



The impact of emergency department length of stay (EDLOS) for ICU admission upon outcomes needs clarification. We sought to better understand the relationship between EDLOS and outcomes for the patient referred to ICU. 

Materials and Methods:

We performed a prospective cross sectional study of patients referred to the ICU from the ED between 1st April 2018 and 30th April 2018 in a single tertiary care hospital. Study population was divided into patients with EDLOS < 24 hrs (early admission) versus >24 hours (delayed admission). We assessed the impact of EDLOS on hospital mortality and severity changes using SOFA score.


Of the 117 ICU patients, 42 (36 %) were admitted to the ICU from Emergency Department and from this number, only 21 out of 42 patient (50%) stay less than 24 hour. There was significant in-hospital mortality difference between early and delayed admissions (Kruskal-Wallis, ꭓ2 = 4.343, p = 0.037, mean rank waiting hour of 7.13 and 12.75). Mean waiting time is 52 hour and 40 minute. There is a different in SOFA score at 24 and 48 hour, however it doesn’t achieve statistical significance.


Although the sample size is small, we found that a significant mortality benefit between early and delayed ICU admissions.



Emergency Department Length of Stay (EDLOS), SOFA score

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