Nurazwani Zainal




Tracheobronchial foreign body aspiration if undiagnosed early may lead to lethal consequences. It is a serious problem with higher rate of morbidity and mortality especially in paediatrics population. A 10 year old boy presented with sudden onset of chest pain for  8 days. Prior to pain, patient was playing the needle, and inhaled it. Subsequently the chest pain become much worsened and he decided to informed his parents. Upon arrival in emergency department, patient was comfortable, not tachypnoiec, with normal lungs finding. Proceed with chest X-ray noted foreign body on the thoracic cavity. Patient was referred to Cardiothoracic surgeon. Case was then proceed with CT Thorax . The site of foreign body was confirmed at lumen of left bronchus at level of T5. Foreign body was measured 4.1 cm. Removal of foreign body was successful by bronchoscopy. Detailed history and clinical examination with prompt investigations are  really important as delayed or overlook can lead to death. 



tracheobronchial foreign body, history and examination, delayed presentation

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