Mohd Syafiq Affandi Mohd Baharin



MS Baharin1, MF Yahya1, MH Mohd Azam1, N Mohamad Amin1, N Abdullah1

1 Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Muar, Johor, Malaysia


Penile fracture is usually related to major trauma or more prevalently sexually related, but in a rare occasion it can happen in subtle trauma.

Case Report

28 years old Burmese gentleman presented to emergency department with complain of dysuria, pain and swelling over penis. It happened when he suddenly turned to the side upon waking up from sleep with an erect penis. Denied having sexual intercourse or vigorous masturbation prior to incident. On examination noted eggplant deformity with swollen and bruised penile shaft. Clot evacuation and corporal repair was immediately done for this patient.


Common causes of Penile Fracture are intercourse and masturbation. Penile pain is the most common presentation(35.7%) followed by hematoma (29.8%) and edema (11.9%).. Fracture of right corpus cavernosum is more common (59.5%) compared to left( 29%) while both is 11.5%. Penile ultrasound is most useful and urgent surgical exploration and surgical repair may help to reduce complications such as penile deformity and erectile dysfunction.


Penile fracture might occur in subtle trauma on an erect penis. Although is rare in clinical practice, it is a urologic emergency and  needs spot diagnosis. Early surgical intervention is crucial to avoid complications.












































Penile fracture, subtle trauma, fracture of carpus cavernosum

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