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Patient’s satisfaction is a vital feedback mechanism for healthcare provider in planning quality improvement measures.  Thus the study aims to examine the patient’s characteristic and satisfaction level towards service received in emergency department.


This is a descriptive cross sectional study carried out in emergency department, Hospital Port Dickson.  All patient attended to department green zone during the study period were recruited using stratified sampling method.  The patients were interviewed face-to-face using a structured questionnaire.  Patient’s satisfaction was assessed using a five-level Likert scale.  The satisfaction level was presented as mean scores after the respondent data were analysed using SPSS.


There were total 100 patients recruited in the study.  The mean age was 39 years old and most of them were Malay (69%).  A majority of patients (42%) were from low income group (<RM1500/month).  The reasons they preferred service here were satisfied with the service (46%), followed by distance (39%) and referred case (12%).  For patient satisfaction, they were satisfied most for physical comfort (mean score= 8.5 out of maximum score 10), followed by clinical care (mean score= 8.4 out of maximum 10), staff behaviour and appearance (mean score= 12 out of maximum 15) and least satisfied with waiting time (mean score= 2.7 out of maximum score 5).  There were 60% of patients not satisfied with the waiting time.


Overall the green zone patients were satisfied with the department physical comfort, clinical care provided, staff behaviour and appearance.  Majority of the patients were not satisfied with the waiting time.




Satisfaction, Green zone, Emergency Department

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