Mohd Azri Mohd Suan http://orcid.org/0000-0002-9508-7297 Shahrul Aiman Soelar Munirah Osman Arman Hawari Zainal Effendy Zainal Abidin Fatahul Laham Mohamed


Background: The rise in global popularity of triathlon competition requires the medical team to be familiar with various endurance sport related injuries that may sustain throughout the race period. However, there have been very few published studies on the injury profiles of triathlon events held locally.

Objective: To describe the injury rate, the pattern of injuries, and time of presentation for medical treatment among injured athletes at the ultra-distance triathlon event held in Malaysia in year 2014.

Methodology: This cross-sectional study analysed data from all athletes who sustained the injury that required treatment or assessment by the medical personnel during or immediately after the triathlon race. Data on injured athletes were retrieved from Medical Encounter Form used during the race. All physical injuries were documented based on body part affected, type of injury sustained and time of medical treatment sought.

Results: Approximately 30.7% (329/1073) of the athletes in our study population presented to the medical team for treatment during or immediately after the event, with 539 injuries identified among them. Injuries were more commonly seen among male, age group of 30–39 years old, and Asian athletes. The injuries more commonly sustained during the running discipline. Muscle cramps, sprains, and nausea and/or vomiting were the most common type of injury across all race disciplines. There was an apparent increased in athlete presentation from 15:00 hours, and it remained high until 23:00 hours.

Conclusion: There was a wide range of injuries encountered by the competitors. Our results will add to the growing body of knowledge on local triathlon injuries and helps the medical team preparation for future triathlon events.



Athlete, injury, physical endurance, sport, triathlon

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