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Nik Azlan Nik Muhamad Ahmed Omar Elludaie Shahrir Mohamed Said


Background: Merging disaster training with professional and personal development (PPD) camp game activity is a new technique of teaching learning method (TLM) that can be both time saving and cost saving.    Professional and personal development (PPD) camp is a part of National University of Malaysia syllabus for improvement of soft skills among medical students, leadership and teamwork. Methodology: A simple modified disaster moulage was introduced to the PPD camp in year 2015 and students were asked to fill a feedback form to assess perception of interest, benefit and knowledge. This study is a retrospective review of the feedback forms. Results:  A total of 240 respondents attended PPD camp in 2015 provided feedback. The results showed majority of respondents (95.5% n=229) found the disaster moulage either very interesting or interesting and 85% of the students (n=225) liked it. Sixty nine percent found the moulage very beneficial. From an open ended response, 67.9% (n=101) answered that this moulage resulted in increased knowledge of handling emergency cases and 42.1% (n=101) respondents answered that this moulage can improve teamwork. When applying Likert scale (1 to 5, least to most preferable) to compare with other game activities in the PPD camp, disaster moulage ranked highest in terms of enjoyment (3.99+/- 1.06) and benefits (4.19+/-1.01). Conclusion: Including disaster moulage as part of PPD camp game activity is generally accepted among medical students. Questionnaire in assessing pre and post knowledge and benefits are required for further evaluation of this new method.



Keywords: moulage, disaster, teaching learning method, personal and professional development


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