Syakeer Hilfie Alzamani Idrose



Shisha smokers sustain unhealthy risks associated with the heavy smoke inhaled into the lungs. We present an usual case in which a needle used to poke the sisha alumunium foil was ingested into the alimentary tract.


A 36 years old Syrian who was previously well presented to our centre with the chief complaint of accidentally ingesting a needle. He came to our centre 3 hours after the ingestion. The needle was used to poke aluminium foil of the shisha and subsequently put in between his teeth. He was having fun with his friend and laughed and in the process ingested the needle. At our centre, his vital signs were all normal. He did not complain any pain or discomfort. Xrays taken showed a 3 centimeters needle over the left gastric area. Surgical referral was made. Patient was observed for 6 hours. Subsequently, decision for surgery was made as the needle remained static.


Accidental needle ingestion is unusual. Needle does not travel within the gut easily and tend to get stuck. Surgical intervention is required to remove the foreign body.


Supplementary Issue