Chua SH Krishna K K Izan M G Lenny S Azim I H Harunarashid



Chron’s Crohn’s Disease is associated with extraintestinal manifestation including vasculitis. Managing this group of patients is challenging due to vasculitis and microthrombosis.


We reported a gentleman with Chron’s Crohn’s Disease that presented with acute limb ischaemia. Clinically he was in pain and the toes were gangrene. He was anticoagulated but compounded by upper gastrointestinal symptoms. In view that the symptoms were augmented, intravenous iloprost infusion was given for 5 days. Digital substraction angiography shows thrombosis of the left superficial femoral artery, with small collaterals. There was long segment deep vein thrombosis from common femoral to popliteal vein. He went for a transmetartasal amputation, however the healing was poor. He was given autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells (first injection) and autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (second injection). Follow-up showsed good resolution.


Autologous bone marrow therapy is a good option after all the options have been exhausted in managing Chron’s Disease patients with limb ischaemia.


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