Lenny S K Izan MG Krishna K Azim I H Harunarashid



Arteriovenous malformation of the perineum is a rare condition. Although most patients are asymptomatic but it may cause there is potential sexual dysfunction due to size and position of the lesion. The management of this condition remains challenging because of their unpredictable behavior and high recurrence rate.


We report a 28 year old lady with a painless swelling at the vulva since birth which causes her disfigurement. In the past she had seek various treatment but was advice to be treated conservatively due to the extensiveness. She was referred by a gynaecologist to us as she is getting married. On examination, there was a labia swelling size 6x5 cm. There was a limb length discrepancy with varicosities. Computed tomography of the pelvis and lower limb revealed extensive vascular malformation with mixed arteriovenous component involving the perineum, pelvis and left lower limb. Angioembolization was done prior to the excision. Excision was performed using argon plasma and ligasure supplemented with tissue glue for haemostasis. The wound was primarily closed. Histopathology report is consistent with arteriovenous malformation. Unfortunately it was complicated with wound breaksown and bleeding. This was treated with multiple surgeries and haemostasis. The wound was leave open with vacuum dressing and subsequently healed.


Treating arteriovenous malformation is challenging especially dealing with the risk of infection and bleeding. 


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